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Welcome to Portland’s trusted partner in pest control, Precision Pest Control. We are proud to bring our veteran-owned expertise, unwavering commitment, and cutting-edge solutions to Portland, Texas. Whether you’re facing a one-time infestation or looking for long-term pest management, our team is equipped to create a safer, pest-free environment for your home or business.

At Precision Pest Control, we’re not just exterminators; we’re a veteran-led team that operates on the principles of respect, integrity, and dedication. Ken, our team’s veteran, ensures that every job is completed with military precision. We’re committed to providing prompt, effective pest control using the latest in pest management technology.

Tailored Pest Solutions for Portland Residents

Your Portland home or business deserves the best protection against pests. Our services are comprehensive and considerate of your health and safety, providing everything from termite control and bed bugs to wildlife management. We specialize in eco-friendly and pet-safe treatments, ensuring your space remains habitable for you and your pets but not for pests.

Residential and Commercial Services

Fleas & Ticks

Mosquito Treatment


Fly Treatments

Ant Treatments

Termite Control

Rodents + Other Wildlife

Wooly Worms

Bee Treatment

Bed Bugs

Precision's Home Pest Control Process in Portland TX

From the first contact to post-treatment follow-ups, our process is meticulous and customized. Our technicians, experts in entomology, will start by treating the exterior of your Portland home, removing webs and nests, and laying protective barriers to prevent pests. Indoors, we target pests with strategic bait placements and preventative measures, all while ensuring the safety of your family and pets.

Ensuring Continuous Protection

After clearing your home of pests, our ongoing treatment plans keep your Portland residence protected year-round. With our quarterly services, we offer the convenience of exterior-only treatments, meaning less hassle for you and no need for repeated indoor applications. Plus, our guarantee includes free follow-ups should the pests return.

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We promise to deliver safe, efficient, and reliable pest control services. Our pet-friendly products and family-oriented ethos ensure your peace of mind. With Precision Pest Control, your Portland Texas home is in capable hands!

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